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The Chain of Survival
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“The Chain of Survival” a survivor turns into a promoter Taipei City reaches its highest number of patient recovery from OHCA

On December 15th, 2018, the Taipei City Fire Department Yongji station was invited to promote “CPR training-CPR LAI JIU BU” event at a church in Fuxing S. Rd. Somehow, the organizer for this event had once fainted out at home in the morning on March 12th, 2018 with the sudden bang awakening his family. At the time, his wife then called out 119 in emergency and rendered him CPR guided by the dispatcher at the fire department. After the rescue and the hospital delivery of the emergency medical team, he had recovered well then. Afterwards, a thank letter was written in person by the survivor on May 24th for great gratitude and more of his acquaintances were convinced to learn CPR and AED with his own experience back to life. Therefore, one of his rescuer - Yongji instructor Da-Wei Zeng was invited this time to teach CPR, with a view to boosting citizen ability of instant CPR in an emergency which allowed firemen to save life more efficiently.
        CPR is certified as the most efficient method to alleviate the harm from continuous oxygen loss when Out-of-Hospital Cardia Arrest (OHCA) occurred. Hence, the Taipei city fire department began its own guidance of CPR by the dispatcher in every phone call from June 2014. From the statistics, over 70% of patients were diagnosed to require immediate first aid while on first phone call to 119. Among them, 88.2% of CPR events were guided with the dispatchers in the emergency center, whose efficiency outscored other main cities in Taiwan. The Chain of Survival results allowed Taipei City to save more than 100 patients from OHCA, distinctively 121 in 2018, which was the twice contrasted with those before 2014.
The Taipei city fire department pointed out that among OHCA patients delivered by 119 service in these two years, more than half of them (53%) were given CPR before sent on the ambulance. Moreover, 80% of 240 patients (119 in 2017, 121 in 2018) had experienced CPR by the bystander beforehand, which denoted the higher possibility of patient recovery from unconsciousness as earlier chain of survival activation. Besides continuously enriching rescue equipment and enhancing rescue quality, the fire department contributed to equipping citizen with rescue ability by providing 1701 CPR+AED courses in 2018 and helped 75,502 people learning basic lifesaving skills.
At last the fire department appealed the basic 3 steps of “The Chain of Survival” involved the followings: First, download Video 119 app for dispatcher better understanding of on-site situation, providing necessary assistance and dispatch the adequate rescue team. For people not knowing CPR, search “CPR training-CPR LAI JIU BU” on the internet and just apply to learn. In addition, for those equipped with rescue skills, please download “Taiwan Oh My Guard” app and become a volunteer to save people. For people who weren’t, the professional fire department will take care of you!


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