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Taipei City Promotes Taipei Citizen Responders with Business Participation
Start Date:2019/05/28   Expire Date: 2019/06/30
Taipei City Promotes Taipei Citizen Responders with Business Participation

Taipei City Fire Department had held press conference at Xin-Yi District Office Auditorium (No.15, Sec. 5, Xinyi Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 11049, Taiwan) at 10:50 May 14th, 2019. Taipei City Deputy Mayor Chia-Ji Teng was invited to host the event. Besides participants from villages and those who have enthusiasm of disaster preparedness, the event would focus on promotion and recruitment of local business, stores and community leaders.
To deal with the high frequency of compounded disasters such as floods, fire or earthquakes in the city, Taipei City had established the Taipei Citizen Responder system since 2018 which trained and certified 415volunteers. Since 2019, it even followed the pace of Ministry of the Interior to promote national disaster preparedness certification institution. Taipei City is the first local government that collaborates with 4 main corporations of convenience stores, local business and other corporations in Taiwan to work on disaster preparedness.
Taipei City Deputy Mayor Chia-Ji Teng pointed out that due to recent climate and environmental changes, natural disasters in Taiwan have become much more frequent. When facing disasters, every country had also put much effort to enhancing “Self”, “Mutual” and “Public” assistance. Taipei City actively promoted a variety of autonomous disaster preparedness including recruiting Taipei Citizen Responders: From village officers and schools, to military reserve, governmental retirees, volunteers, industrial partners and enthusiastic civilians. Based on the fundamental district offices, Taipei City expanded its training of disaster preparedness instructors for various professional fields in public and made partners with non-governmental parties. Within three years, it would prompt to equip all 456 villages in the city with Taipei Citizen Responders who were well-trained, arduous and made great connections with district offices.
Taipei City Fire Department will hold 14 training sessions in 2019. The courses’ duration was designed to be 2 days to help trainees build their disaster preparedness skills through theorems and practices. After the training, each of them would be certified as qualified Taipei Citizen Responders after taking the required academic and subject exams. The courses now accept registration on-line. The link was put under the news section at and district offices’ websites. Anyone above 18 years old who graduated from at least junior high school is welcome.


Update Time: 2019/06/28

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