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Replacing LP Gas Cylinder Must Follow the Safety Precaution Steps
Start Date:2019/09/03   Expire Date: 2020/09/10

Replacing LP Gas Cylinder Must Follow the Safety Precaution Steps

Most families in Taiwan use LP Gas cylinders as the energy source for water heaters and stoves. In recent years, there were many fire accidents happened due to incorrect procedures of replacing LP gas cylinder which lead to many injuries in Taipei City.
In Beito district, a gas explosion broke out and injured two residence in June 2019. The main cause of this explosion was not turning off the cylinder shutoff valve before removing the LP gas hose. Directly remove the hose resulted in the leakage and turned into an explosion when it met electrical spark. Another similar case happened in Neihu district with 1 injured in 2016. Besides water heaters, replacing LP gas cylinder for stoves should be paid equally attention as well. In 2018, a food stall In Songshan district forgot to turn off the stove before replacing the LP gas cylinder which lead to an explosion and injured 3 citizens.
Through these cases, it is obvious that explosions are mostly caused by not turning off the valve before replacing LP gas cylinder. Hence, Fire Department calls for the general public to adhere to the following rules to prevent gas leak:

  1. Turn off the empty cylinder shutoff valve and surrounding fire sources (e.g., gas stove).
  2. Loosen pressure regulator and disconnect the empty cylinder.
  3. Attach the pressure regulator to the new one and tightly secure the valve.
  4. Turn on the new LP gas cylinder and use the soap water to make sure the installation is correct without any leakage.

Taipei City Fire Department calls for attention to everyone if there appears to be a gas leak, turn off the gas valve and other heat sources as soon as possible and open the window for ventilation. Do not turn on any electrical appliances or ignite cigarette. Call 119 for emergency help when massive gas leaks.

  • Source:Taipei City Fire Department

Update Time: 2019/09/03

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