Taipei City Disaster Prevention and Rescue Information—Floor Plan
Floor Plan

Floor Plan

(1) Floor Plan
Floor User
Basement 1 and 2 Parking Lot
1st Floor Song Shan Land Office / Resident Activity Center
2st Floor Song Shan Land Office
3st Floor Land Development Agency
4st Floor Taipei Land Development Agency / EOC Dining Room
5st Floor EOC / Disaster Prevention Center / Disaster Management Division of Taipei City Fire Dept / Duty Room(EOC, Health Dept)
6st Floor EOC/ Press Room/ Staff Standby Room/Chief Officer Standby Room
7st Floor Taipei Citizen Hotline 1999
Rooftop Helicopter Pad

(2) EOC Space Use
The EOC uses part of the space on the 4th floor and all space on the 5th, 6th and 7th floors:
Floor Space Use
4th Logistics Supply Room/ Storage Supplies (water, foods) needed for the EOC operations so that the Center can run without outside help for a total of 72 hours.
Dining Room Offering foods or cooking utensils for EOC staff.
Standby Room Room (bedding and shower) for those on duty round the clock.
5th Operation Center EOC nerve center where staff can have a meeting, make decisions, assess damages, communicate and handle the disaster. There are PCs, TVs, other AV devices and a huge screen for display of information.
Decision-Making Room A small meeting room where the Commander (Mayor), Deputy Commander and other officers can meet without being disturbed.
System Operation Room When the Center is implemented, the staff members work here to collect information, assess the extent of the disaster, check the response and prepare documents.
Staff Planning Room When the Center is implemented staff from different departments gather in the Staff Room.
Commander/ Deputy Commander Room Where the commander and deputy commanders work and rest.
Duty Room (EOC, Health Dept) There is a nighttime contengency room where duty officers work round the clock in case a disaster occurs in the evening or on holidays.
Broadcasting Room Taipei Broadcasting Station ( the City's emergency broadcaster) studio.
Disaster Prevention Center / Disaster Management Division of Taipei City Fire Dept Disaster Prevention Center and Disaster Management Division of Taipei City Fire Department. There are telephones, fax machines, PCs and other business machines.
Telecommunications / Computer Mainframe Room Where telephone exchange, computer mainframe, wire and wireless telecommunication equipments are installed.
6th Chief Officers Standby Room Bedding for department commissioners.
Staff Standby Room Bedding for staff members from different departments.
Press Room/Media Rest Room Where news is released and journalists work and rest.


See the floor plan above for more information on the EOC’s Perspective.

EOC Helipad Survey
EOC Helicopter Pad
EOC Lobby Floor Plan
EOC Lobby Floor Plan

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