Taipei City Disaster Prevention and Rescue Information—Disaster Information Gathering and Report System
Disaster Information Gathering and Report System

To ensure disaster information reported promptly, the EOC has:

Disaster Report System

  • Auto Office Fax
  • Cell phone txt report system
  • Regular Telephone Service (including police emergency exchange)
  • Emergency Audio Report System
  • Emergency Operation Communication (VSAT Satellite Phone, Mini-in and GAN Satellite Phone)

Disaster Information Gathering and Report System

  • Emergency Communication System
  • Auto Office Fax
  • Emergency Report E-mail
  • PDA Disaster Check and Report system
  • Regular Telephone Service
  • Wireless Phone Service
  • Emergency Audio Report System
  • Disaster Information Transmission System, National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior
  • Remote-controlled Monitoring System

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  • tel:886-2-8786-3119
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