Taipei City Disaster Prevention and Rescue Information—Seismic Isolation and Seismic Design
Seismic Isolation and Seismic Design

36 seismic isolation absorbers (each is one meter in diameter) are built in between the basement 1 and the first floor to ensure the Center can work under the impact of a strong quake. When a magnitude 7 strong quake hits, the horizontal acceleration of each floor shall be no greater than 300gal. The whole building can sustain a horizontal displacement of 60cm (there is a building interval of 80 cm).

A perspective diagram of the seismic isolation of the building Description:
In between the first floor and the basement, there are 36 seismic isolation absorbers, each measuring 1 meter in diameter and a building interval of 80 cm.
A comparison of this building and other seismic design buildings This building allows a horizontal displacement of 60 cm while most other building's structural construction may lean when struck by a major quake.

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